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A Mission for a Cure

What We Do


CEERI provides a wide range of services in clinical study management that strengthen the efficiency of the investigation of newly developed medications and medical devices. We act in accordance with strict Standards of Practice (SOP) in order to effectively contribute to the clinical trial process.


All clinical trials involve the volunteering of patients and/or healthy adults in order to test the efficacy of newly developed medications and medical devices. Find out how you could participate in clinical research as a patient at one of our research locations.


All clinical research is conducted by qualified professionals in the medical industry known as investigators. These professionals make the testing of new medications and medical devices possible. Find out how you could become an investigator in our managed clinical research projects at one of our research locations.


Central & Eastern Europe Research Institute (CEERI) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and a Site Management Organization (SMO) that supports clinical research studies across countries in central and eastern Europe as well as the Balkans.

We support pharmaceutical companies in developing clinical research studies across our medical sites, where we have a large team of Principal Investigators who are GCP (Good Clinical Practice) trained with extensive experience in clinical trials in almost all therapeutic areas and who have access to large patient populations.

CEERI adheres to the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct with patients and volunteers safety as top priority. Our investigators follow centralized SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) in relation to their study conduct at each facility.


Our medical facilities are authorized to conduct clinical trials with therapeutic benefits, all of which are equipped with emergency rooms, a local lab and 24-hour surveillance services for patients included in trials. 

CEERI - Central & Eastern Europe Research Institute


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