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CEERI Biostatistics Group consists of biostatisticians and consultants who are faculty members at leading universities in central and eastern Europe. The group collaborates with biostatisticians from other global research institutions, therefore it can meet sponsors needs of all levels of sophistication in biostatistical services, whether in study design or analysis. CEERI can assist pharmaceutical companies/sponsors with expertise accumulated from years of experience in clinical research and medical care. We encourage our clients to consult with us as early on as possible. 

CEERI members in the statistical department have made important contributions to the development of statistical methodology and they provide the quantitative component to health and biomedical research efforts that have had a major impact on the prevention and treatment of disease. Our research efforts are internationally recognized in areas of health services and clinical research. 

CEERI Biostatistics Group was formed as a research team dedicated to biostatistics and clinical research. CEERI has an important role in developing and applying biostatistical methods to clinical studies and health outcomes.

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