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About Us

Dr. Andrzej Jan Barwijuk, MD, Chairman
Dr. Andrzej Barwijuk is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. He graduated from the Medical University of Bialystok, Bialystok, Poland. During the period from 1995 until 2006, he was the lead of the gynecological department in the St. Family's Hospital in Warsaw. During his medical practice he gained many years of experience as a Principal Investigator in all phases of clinical trials. He is a member of The American Cosmetic Gynecology Society (FACOG, ISC), Foundation of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (FAAGL), Polish Gynecological Society (PTG) and Polish Video Surgical Society (PTW).

Adrian Piticas, MD, Member & Director for Romania Operations

Dr. Piticas graduated from Targu Mures Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Targu Mures, Romania. He completed his MBA in 2006 through the Academy of Economic Studies from the Romanian-Canadian MBA program in action–class, specializing in marketing. Dr. Piticas has worked for large global pharmaceutical companies in their European offices dealing with the manufacturing of medical products such as enteral and infusion nutrition products, volume plasma substitutes and infusion solutions. Dr. Piticas has also been responsible for the production, import and distribution of products to the pharmaceutical market. 

Adda DiLazzaro, MD, Member & Director for Romania Operations

Dr. DiLazzaro has attended many training programs held by prestigious international pharmaceutical companies, worked as a medical representative and was a Business Unit Manager for a Hepatitis study. She was involved in special projects and was the Fraxiparine Transfer Project team leader in the development of a Marketing Excellence Program for Brand Managers and the Electronic Territory Management System. She brings experience in marketing management of all promotional activities, market analysis and managed market research programs necessary to aid the development of brand strategies. Dr. DiLazzaro has also managed media and advertising agencies, ensuring effective and efficient media plans are developed, implemented and evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively. 

Vasile Piticas, MS, Member & Director for Romania Operations

Mr. Piticas has over 15 years of domestic and international experience in business: Management of Investments, Construction, Recruitment Services, Human Resources and the Wine Industry. He leads 5 companies with 157 employees with a total yearly net income of 23 MIL EUR, as of 2005 Annual Reporting. His companies made joint ventures with USA-IT, a major US cultural exchange and training organization to offer an outstanding program for qualified Romanian who wish to gain valuable experience with a US company and benefit from the cultural exchange by living and working in the United States. Also, his companies are a Complete Computer Added Design Solution Provider & Complete Web Solution Provider, focused on CAD projects and IT/Web E-commerce services.


Boyan Doganov, MD, Member & Director for Bulgaria Operations

Dr. Doganov brings 25+ years of experience as a medical doctor including managing clinical research, multi-center clinical trials, community organization, research administration and research ethics. He has conducted research for multiple European and Bulgarian pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Doganov is the Director of International Projects at the International Health Care & Health Insurance Research Institute in Bulgaria. He speaks excellent English in addition to his native Bulgarian.

Nelly Tzolova, MD, Member & Director for Bulgaria Operations

Dr. Tzolova is a specialist in internal medicine, subspecialist in oncology. She has been working in the field of clinical research as a project manager. Dr. Tzolova has over 10 years of experience in organizing, designing and supervising clinical trials in all phases, for multiple companies. She is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Clinical Research, a major clinical research organization in eastern Europe. 

Przemyslaw Radziszewski, MD, Member & Director for Poland Operations

Dr. Radziszewski has been involved in many phase clinical trials. For the last several years, he has worked as a Clinical Representative for international pharmaceutical corporations. Dr. Radziszewski is a surgeon at the Independent Surgical and Orthopedic Outpatient Clinic in Poznan, Poland. He speaks excellent English in addition to his native Polish.

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