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Our Services

Central & Eastern Europe Research Institute - CEERI offers a wide array of services for clients. CEERI is generally a Site Management Organization (SMO), however, we are versatile in functionality and can operate as a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) as well, performing all essential functions.

Our Services:


There are many advantages of hiring CEERI when looking to expand to our region of the world including our expertise in what we do, qualified and experienced staff, our extensive network of affiliated investigatory sites and the cost-effective and quality clinical research environment in the countries in which we operate.

The central and eastern European region provides a high quality yet cost-effective climate for conducting clinical research which many of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies have entered and taken advantage of the benefits to their success.


  • 25-30% lower operating costs than western countries

  • Quick clinical trial approval

  • Rapid patient enrollment

  • Quality and accurate clinical trial results

  • High clinical site productivity

  • Advanced and highly developed clinical infrastructure

  • High clinical trial potential in most major therapeutic areas

Clinical study sites with high patient enrollment for most major therapeutic areas
Clinical study sites with fast contract execution
CEERI works with clinical study sites with fast clinical study patient enrollment
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