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Data Management

At CEERI, we realize the importance of proper Data Management for the accuracy and safety of data. Therefore, we employ advanced tools lead by staff with extensive experience in data management.

Our Data Management services include:

  • Database Design

  • Forms Management

  • Web Interface and Graphical User Interface (GUI) for each study and per pharmaceutical company's/sponsor's requirement

  • Database Programming

  • Medical Coding

  • Case Report Form Design: electronic and paper versions

  • Data Entry and Status Reporting

We support most commercial Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software and can assist sponsors in designing and engineering a tailored EDC interface for their unique study.

CEERI's goal in clinical trial management is to facilitate the planning, execution and tracking of relevant clinical trial activities. We have a clinical trial management solution built in-house.

Benefits of our in-house solution:

  • Improved Process Planning

  • Model Visit Schedules

  • Standardized Data Collection Processes

  • Provide single access to multiple clinical processes including Electronic Data Capture (EDC), data management, and adverse events reporting

  • Exchange critical documents electronically and securely

  • Integrate with budgeting and finance applications

  • Provide study sites with online access to sponsor and CRO information, archived documents and frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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