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Business Models

Full-Service Model

  • CEERI has the resources and capabilities to undertake most clinical trial projects internationally and act as a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO)

  • The full-service model is ideal when pharmaceutical companies/sponsors have limited resources and deployment of additional staff is costly or impractical

  • In this model, CEERI contracts with medical institutions to conduct clinical trials

  • Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) and payments are between CEERI and the medical institution. CEERI commits to payments and is paid by sponsors

Functional Service Provider Model

  • The Functional Service Provider (FSP) Model is ideal when pharmaceutical companies/sponsors only need assistance in certain functions or geographic locations or need additional staff to support current in-house departments or functions

  • FSP is very flexible and varies from project to project

  • All contracts, payments and legal framework are executed by two sets of agreements:

    • Master Service Agreements (MSA) that deals with the general deliverables

    • Statements of Work that deal with specific parts and sections

Hybrid Model

  • The Hybrid Model deals with the structural and support gaps between pharmaceutical companies/sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) on one side and investigators and sites on the other

  • We embrace the Hybrid Model that emphasizes Contract Reserach Organization (CRO)/Site Management Organization (SMO) support systems in several international locations in central and eastern Europe

  • The Hybrid model enables CEERI or any of its affiliates to completely compliment sponsors’ resources to manage studies, whether they have another CRO or they manage the study without a CRO

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